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August 1st, 2014



A Haunting Banner

Destination America


Season 7 Premiere

“Demon’s Revenge”

10 PM et / 1 AM et

In the summer of 2008, Tiffany McKinnon, her boyfriend Billy Quattlebaum. and his daughter Georgia move into a 200-year-old farmhouse in the small town of Franklin, VA. The house is a dream come true for the burgeoning family, but an ominous nightmare warns of trouble to come.

Soon after, Tiffany discovers that the spirit of a freed slave is haunting the home and is determined to make peace with him.

But there is another entity hiding in the shadows, tormenting the family and threatening their lives. Determined to stay in the farmhouse, Tiffany seeks help from a paranormal investigative team and the church, hoping to expel the evil that lurks there.


Top 5 Favorite Episodes as Voted on by Fans

“A Haunted Victorian”

5 PM et

Voted #5

Edwin and Lillian think they’ve found their dream home, but soon it becomes a nightmare. A series of odd occurrences begin to escalate and suddenly Lillian gets possessed by an evil spirit and violently attacked.

They try to escape, but is it too late?


“Well to Hell”

6 PM et

Voted #4

Mark Corvo has a spiritual gift that might cost him his life. After returning to live in his childhood home, he’s plagued by dark forces that try to kill him.

He reaches out to Paranormal Investigators who find a portal has been opened in the home.


“Nightmare in Bridgeport”

7 PM et / 2 AM et

Voted #3

When his mother’s house is haunted by a demon, Connecticut paranormal investigator Bob Baker calls in colleagues and a Bishop for help.

But when they fail to cleanse the home, it’s up to Bob to do the job, using experience from his own “haunted” past.


“Nightmare Upstairs”

8 PM et / 11 PM et

Voted #2

When the VanLandingham family moves into an Arkansas home, their young daughters become the target of a supernatural attack by dark entities.

After fruitless efforts by a Pastor and paranormal investigator, they decide to abandon their “dream house”.


“Black Magic”

9 PM et / 12 AM et

Voted #1

A teenager dabbles in the occult and unleashes an evil spirit that terrorizes his family in their new home.




Ancient Aliens Banner WP

History 2

“The Telsa Experiment”

9 PM et / 1 AM et

He is one of the most prolific inventors of the 20th century–and the man that actually electrified the world. Nikola Tesla shepherded mankind to a new industrial era and laid the groundwork for today’s technological age–but could that have been by some otherworldly design?

A man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, Tesla would speak about obtaining insights in a flash of genius, how he could visualize his inventions in full-detail and manipulate them in his mind, and his compulsion to invent the future. But he also claimed to have direct communication from intelligent beings on other planets.

Is it possible that this alleged mad scientist, so far ahead of his time, was actually a human “receiver”? A being tapped to advance mankind–and pave the way for a future reunion with our alien ancestors?




In Search of Aliens

History 2

“Nazi Time Travelers”

10 PM et / 2 AM et

At the height of World War II, the Nazis engaged their top scientists to develop “wonder weapons”–weapons that were so scientifically advanced they could have turned the tide of the war against the Allies.

According to testimony, one of the top-secret projects was code-named “Die Glocke.” Die Glocke was believed to be a bell-shaped time travel device that could soar through the sky and eventually reach the speed of light and beyond. Did Die Glocke actually exist? And if so, could it have been based on alien technology?

Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos travels from Poland to Pennsylvania on the trail of the Nazis’ “wonder weapon.” Did the Nazis find advanced knowledge in ancient texts that enabled them to develop anti-gravity technology? And was the construction of a time travel device made possible by reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology?




Early Friday


Ghost Adventures Banner 14

Travel Channel

Sedamsville Factory / Winchester Mysery House


2 PM et

Zak Bagans reopens investigations at Sedamsville Rectory and Winchester Mystery House.

He learns his groundbreaking experiment at Winchester 2 years ago resulted in unforeseen and dire consequences for those involved.


Palmer House / Mustang Ranch


3 PM et

Zak learns of newly discovered historical information about the Palmer House Hotel, and employees at the Mustang Ranch believe a new dark entity attacks the workingwomen.




The Dead Files Banner WP

Travel Channel

“Lethal Waters”

4 PM et

Steve and Amy investigate a shocking case of dangerous paranormal activity at the historic Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs, PA.

While Steve uncovers a deadly secret, Amy discovers the spirit of a woman who can control the living.


“Death Valley”

5 PM et

Steve and Amy travel to California’s Death Valley to investigate claims that frightening spirits have overrun a local hotel.




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Peaceful Oblivion

August 1st, 2014



“Does The Portal To Hell Exist?”

Based on HP Lovecraft’s “The Statement Of Randolph Carter” Peaceful Oblivion follows a cynical, overly anxious professor and his quest to find a long lost treasure that is full proof enough for a Nobel Peace Prize. With his numerous research and the help of an ancient text, he is set out with his debilitated student Randolph Carter, into the unknown, to only find an unexpected and unforeseen outcome.

We highly anticipate the release of this film.  APRA’s very own Brandon Alvis co-wrote, edited, composed the music, and served as Assistant Director.

We can look forward to thrilling suspense, as well as the artistic credibility that a skilled paranormal investigator brings to the movie set.

Ghost Inside My Child Season Two Premiere

July 31st, 2014


Ghost Inside My Child Banner


Premieres Saturday, August 16 at 9 PM


Series Explores Children Who

Have Vivid Memories of Past Lives

LMN’s original series, “Ghost Inside My Child,” returns for a second season with 14 episodes on Saturday, August 16 at 9 PM ET. The series features stories of children who claim to have lived before, often having died violently in a past life, and whose parents struggle to make sense of their child’s memories of a former life.

Children of all ages who experience and remember previous lives are quite common – and hundreds of these accounts have been scientifically documented, researched and studied, both in the United States and abroad since the 1950′s.

Throughout each episode of “Ghost Inside My Child,” viewers will hear the extraordinary accounts of children’s inexplicable tales, who have experienced very real memories that belong to someone else and are hard to explain. Each family’s journey is different as they strive to discover who their child was in a past life.

A Haunting Season 7 Premiere

July 30th, 2014


A Haunting Banner

Destination America


Premieres Friday, August 1 at 10/9c


Leading up to the season premiere, viewers can watch their top 5 all-time favorite episodes, as voted by the fans themselves, airing Friday, August 1 from 5-10 PM ET.

Through spellbinding first-person accounts, each episode of A HAUNTING profiles the story of one family traumatized by forces unknown.

As the mystery and origin of each case is unraveled, audiences are left with a lingering sense that life after death is much more powerful – and sometimes more possessive – than anyone could have possibly imagined.

In Search of Aliens Series Premiere

July 24th, 2014


In Search of Aliens

History 2

Premieres Friday, July 25 at 10 et / 11 pt

From the lost city of Atlantis to the Loch Ness Monster to the mystery of the Nazca Lines, the world is filled with tales of mysterious locations, mythical creatures and strange occurrences. But could these extraordinary stories and theories turn out to be stranger-than-fiction truths? If so, might there be an extraterrestrial explanation for these phenomena?

IN SEARCH OF ALIENS follows Giorgio Tsoukalos, an Ancient Astronaut theorist and leading contributor to Ancient Aliens, as he explores the fascinating evidence behind some of the Earth’s most famous mysteries.

Through Giorgio’s research of various sites around the world and meetings with scientists, witnesses and experts; this one-hour non-fiction series delves into the unknown and examines clues that could prove a possible extraterrestrial connection within some of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.


Giorgio Tsoukalos

Often described as a real-life Indiana Jones, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has traveled the globe to research and investigate possible evidence of extraterrestrial contact with humans in the remote past. He developed his passion for Ancient Astronaut Theory in Switzerland, where he met and studied under Chariots of the Gods author, Erich von Daniken.

In addition to his research work and public speaking engagements, Giorgio has spent nearly five years sharing his knowledge of the Ancient Astronaut Theory with the world on the H2 series Ancient Aliens. He is also the publisher of the leading Ancient Astronaut publication, Legendary Times Magazine and serves as Director of von Daniken’s Ancient Alien Society (formerly A.A.S. R.A. – Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association).