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July 22nd, 2014



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Each week, Wil provides his insider point-of-view, sense of humor, and genre expertise as he dissects the week’s most popular and trending topics across science fiction film, television and pop culture, video games, viral videos and news.


10 PM et / 12 AM et

Kevin Smith appears.




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Destination America

“The Dark Side”

7 PM et / 2 AM et

As Bobby Wilcott and his wife renovate their historic manor house, they argue over flickering lights and doors that don’t stay shut.

Once they find their home was built on an old cemetery, experts say a demon is feeding on their fear.


“A Haunting in Ireland”

8 PM et / 11 PM et

When Martha Fahey gives birth to a baby girl, her large family in Galway, Ireland, is suddenly plagued by eerie sounds, flying objects, and a mysterious orb.

The Faheys must fight an invasion by a tormented soul to save their home of thirty years.


“Nightmare Upstairs”

9 PM et / 12 AM et

When the VanLandingham family moves into an Arkansas home, their young daughters become the target of a supernatural attack by dark entities.

After fruitless efforts by a Pastor and paranormal investigator, they decide to abandon their “dream house”.


“The Uninvited”

10 PM et / 1 AM et

Lynn and Jason Ryder purchase a historic Connecticut restaurant, only to be overwhelmed by forces of evil when employees and patrons are attacked.

Investigators, mediums and clairvoyants are called in to rid the restaurant of its demonic past.





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Destination America Renews Mountain Monsters

July 18th, 2014


Mountain Monsters AIMS

Pop The Moonshine! Destination America

Renews Mountain Monsters For a Third Season

Another action-packed season in the Appalachian wilderness is coming to a close, but the boys of Mountain Monsters aren’t hanging up their camouflage just yet. The series has been picked up for a third season slated to begin production on 16 new episodes later this year and premiere in spring 2015.

Destination America’s breakout hit show follows a team of expert hunters and trappers as they defend their mountain brethren from mysterious monsters that have spawned countless sightings in the Appalachian wilderness for generations. Legendary local beasts like the Hellhound, Yahoo, Fire Dragon, and Hogzilla aren’t just old wives tales, and the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) is in hot pursuit to prove it.

“In just two seasons, Mountain Monsters has become Destination America’s biggest hit series and earned a faithful following of armchair monster hunters,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “Investigating monsters could frighten years off an unseasoned tracker’s life, but the AIMS team is strong and their skills unmatched. We have every confidence that the monsters will be shaking in their boots once they catch wind of season three.”


The season finale of Mountain Monsters airs Friday, July 25 at 9/8c with a special two-hour investigation into AIMS’ arch nemesis: the Grassman of Perry County, Ohio.

As native sons of West Virginia, AIMS and their leader John “Trapper” Tice have spent their entire lives navigating the backcountry, surviving off the land, and practicing do-it-yourself resourcefulness in a region where time stands still. After narrowly missing the creature last season, AIMS is determined to settle unfinished business with the eight-foot-tall, 1,000-pound cousin of Sasquatch.

Locals are reporting that this gargantuan beast has a habit of venturing dangerously close to human dwellings, and the AIMS crew has no time to waste in finding out why he is expanding his territory before someone is hurt. With a heavy dose of courage and the help of local moonshiners, these Appalachian trackers begin to unravel the mystery of what the Grassman is and why he is becoming more dangerous with each day that passes… but one team member won’t make it to the final hunt.

Long Island Medium Season Six Premiere

July 15th, 2014


Long Island Medium banner 2013

Season Six Premieres Sunday, August 3 at 9/8c


On Sunday, August 3, TLC brings back everyone’s favorite medium with the biggest hair, nails, and personality to match .

The new season kicks off with an all-new LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: ON THE ROAD. As Theresa makes her way around the bright and bustling city of Las Vegas, surprising very deserving people with much needed readings.


Throughout the entire season, viewers will have their very own chance to win a reading from Theresa and get the surprise of their lives as she visits the lucky winner at home live on the air.


The Caputo clan gets a bit smaller when Larry Jr. finally leaves the nest, but can Theresa convince him to make an honest woman out of girlfriend Leah before he moves out of the house? In an effort to spruce up Nick’s dilapidated truck while simultaneously playing a prank on him, Theresa “borrows” the car and gives Nick’s locally-legendary vehicle a complete makeover. Larry also signs up for a charity motorcycle event and hopes that Theresa will attend and finally take a ride with him on the back of his bike.

On the health front, Theresa starts to realize that the back half of her forties isn’t always fabulous, her doctor advises her to schedule a routine colonoscopy. Believing that it’s better to be safe than sorry, Theresa agrees and quickly becomes the butt of Larry’s jokes.

As Theresa tries to balance work, family, travel, and spirit, she finds time to give back this season, with appearances and readings at various events and fundraisers, supporting causes including Autism and the LGBT community. The series will also celebrate its 100th episode during this upcoming run.

“Beasts of the Bayou” Series Premiere

July 8th, 2014


Beasts of the Bayou Banner

Discovery Channel

Premieres Thursday, July 10 at 10 PM et/pt

For hundreds of years, the marshes of Louisiana have been plagued by mysterious creatures intent on causing mass destruction.  Some believe that these creatures are ones of mythical ancestry.  Others believe there are more scientific explanations for the increased levels of destruction in the area over the years.

Whose theories will be proven true?

Featuring some familiar faces from SHARK WEEK 2013‘s successful special VOODOO SHARKS, Discovery Channel ventures deep into the bayou to explore all possible scenarios in its all new program, Beasts of the Bayou, premiering on July 10 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Captain Blimp Cheramie, his first mate, Eric, and his nephew, Nathan, search through the marshes of Louisiana, on the hunt for the legendary creatures that are rumored to haunt the thousands of square miles of swampland around their homes.

Stories of the creatures’ origins are those of legend, passed down from generation to generation with little proof of their validity…for now.

All the while, teams of scientists are seeking alternative explanations for the sightings and stories that have plagued this region for so many years.  Blimp and his team will use all of their expert hunting and tracking skills to uncover the truth, while the scientists will rely on their theories and a lifetime of research to dispel those very same myths.

The two groups have their own methods but, in the end, they each uncover startling evidence that’s sure to shake up the Cajun bayou forever.

Tune in to find out which teams will shed light on these timeless tales of beasts, creatures, demons and monsters!  It’s book smarts versus swamp smarts on Beasts of the Bayou.

“The Unexplained Files” Season Two Premiere

July 3rd, 2014


The Unexplained Files

Science Channel

Premiers Tuesday, July 29 at 10 PM et/pt


The Unexplained Files, Science Channel’s most watched series of 2013,  returns Tuesday, July 29 at 10 PM ET/PT for a second season of examining strange, mind-boggling phenomena that science cannot – or will not – explain.

Using dramatic reconstructions, riveting never-before-seen footage, first-hand eyewitness accounts, and expert interviews, The Unexplained Files takes a scientific look at the inexplicable, uncovering paranormal activities that have mystified scientists, inspired legends, and captured the human imagination for centuries.

In season two, 12 all-new episodes will launch viewers into another gripping exploration of the unknown by investigating more of the most puzzling, global incidents from the United States and Russia to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where a geologist claims to have found pyramids that predate the ancient pyramids of Egypt by 7,000 years; Mexico and more.

In the world premiere episode, The Unexplained Files investigates the real story of the exorcism that inspired the film “The Exorcist”.

Also in episode one, Science Channel takes audiences inside the story of 100 elk who were found dead on a New Mexico ranch in the summer of 2013. An initial examination revealed that all died within 24 hours.  With no bullet wounds or other immediate explanation the cause of death is mystery and one of several cases of native herding animal deaths across North America.

The Unexplained Files also follows the latest expedition to the remote Lake Labynkyr in Siberia, Russia, where people have reported seeing a large, underwater creature.  Searching through the fissures and tunnels, experts may have discovered completely new strains of life under the lake’s surface.

In another episode, APRA, led by Brandon Alvis, teams up with a scientist to document paranormal presences at Preston Castle in Ione, CA. The episode focuses on the presence of shadow beings.

The series also examines a strange connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons. For years, military personnel in the U.S., U.K. and Russia witnessed UFOs over nuclear installations and in some cases all nuclear warheads stored there have become inoperable. Are UFOs targeting sensitive nuclear weapons sites?

These unsolved mysteries in the series are explored by reliable investigators who offer daunting evidence that will leave the audience contemplating whether these odd predicaments and occurrences are true or stranger than fiction.