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Paranormal Lockdown Season Two Premieres on TLC

November 19th, 2016


Nick Groff         Katrina Weidman

Paranormal Lockdown Premieres Friday, December 16


TLC is excited to announce the second season of the hit television series Paranormal Lockdown, in which world-renowned paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman spend an unprecedented 72 hours locked inside a haunted location in an effort to capture groundbreaking paranormal evidence.

TLC is treating fans and new viewers alike to a premiere night event that kicks off with the one-hour special Paranormal Lockdown: Evidence Revealed on Friday, December 16 at 9/8c, highlighting the most chilling evidence Nick and Katrina captured throughout the first season, followed by the Paranormal Lockdown season 2 premiere at 10/9c. Subsequent new episodes will air on Fridays at 9/8c.

The season premiere takes them inside the forbidding Monroe House in Hartford City, Ind., where ghostly happenings and evidence of ritualistic occult activity that have spooked the homeowner. Former residents and construction workers have fled the property after coming face to face with a dark entity, leaving the home uninhabitable. The genesis of the haunting is unclear, but three fires and resulting deaths in the last 100 years have not served to quell paranormal activity within the home.

The intense exploration of Monroe House culminates with Nick and homeowner Eddie Norris journeying into a crawl space beneath the home and unearthing what appeared to be skeletal remains. Local law enforcement was notified immediately. Viewers can witness the heart-pounding discovery first-hand in the Paranormal Lockdown season premiere.

Paranormal Lockdown has found a new home on TLC after the series became an instant hit on sister network Destination America, extending TLC’s successful Friday night paranormal strand following the finale of current hit series Kindred Spirits.

Additional jaw-drawing lockdown locations investigated in the 12-episode second season of Paranormal Lockdown include: St. Ignatius Hospital (Colfax, Wash.) and Old Chatham County Jail (Savannah, Ga.) – which were opened up to paranormal investigators for the first time ever – as well as the Shanley Hotel (Napanoch, N.Y.), Rampart Street Murder House (New Orleans), White Hill Mansion (Fieldsboro, N.J.), Shrewsbury Prison (England), and the Statler City Hotel (Buffalo, N.Y.).

Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House Halloween Special on TLC

October 27th, 2016


Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House

Premieres Halloween Night at 9/8c on TLC


Hot on the heels of a successful launch of TLC’s brand-new series Kindred Spirits (Fridays at 10/9c), the network is excited to announce the world premiere of Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House on Halloween night.

The special follows famed paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, from Destination America’s hit series Paranormal Lockdown, as they conduct a special investigation of the Black Monk House in Yorkshire, England – universally feared as the home of the most violent poltergeist activity ever reported.

Groff and Weidman confine themselves to the infamous house for a record-breaking 100 hours, the longest paranormal investigation ever on television, in an attempt to capture the most convincing paranormal evidence ever to be recorded.

Sure to scare the socks off of any viewer who dares to watch, the frightful day kicks off at 3/2c with a Paranormal Lockdown marathon that culminates with the two-hour supernatural television event Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House premiering Monday, October 31 at 9/8c on TLC.

Today, the Black Monk House sits empty. It continues to challenge paranormal investigators and enthusiasts. Over the last 50 years, visitors to the Black Monk House have reported unexplainable demonic sounds, objects levitating, and people being physically attacked. There was even an account of a little girl being dragged up a flight of stairs by an unseen assailant, forcing her family to flee the home. It’s believed that the spirits in the house can be traced to an ancient burial ground and gallows that were once located near the land where the house currently sits.

Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House will have a special encore presentation on Destination America at 11/10c on Halloween night.

TLC recently jumped into the paranormal genre with its Friday Night Frights block anchored by Kindred Spirits, following renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. Kindred Spirits airs on Fridays at 10/9c on TLC, immediately following premieres of the paranormal powerhouse series A Haunting at 9/8c.

Josh Gates Hunts for Answers in Upcoming Season of Expedition Unknown

October 27th, 2016

Josh Gates on Travel Channel

Expedition Unknown Season Three

Premieres Wednesday, November 2 at 9 PM


Travel Channel explorer and adventurer Josh Gates is on an endless quest to find the truth behind the world’s captivating and iconic unsolved legends. So it’s no surprise that the new episodes of his hit series “Expedition Unknown,” hitting the air as of Wednesday, November 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, will take on such lingering questions as: Who was D.B. Cooper and what became of him? Is Captain Kidd’s lost treasure still out there waiting to be found? Where is Attila the Hun’s tomb? From excavating ruins and jumping out of planes to diving for treasure in the deep seas, Gates goes on 16 thrilling expeditions and they are some of his biggest adventures yet.

“Our new expeditions are wild,” says Gates, who also serves as an executive producer of the series. “These stories are taking us to the ends of the earth, from the frosted hinterlands of Siberia to the deserts of Namibia. We’re investigating incredible, addictive legends and taking epic journeys. We’re chasing pirate treasure, criminal masterminds, vanished empires and priceless relics. Get ready for dynamite explosions, perilous underwater dives and a free fall at terminal velocity as I jump out of a plane for the first time. In short: this season is a full-on, crazy adventure.”

In the November 2 episode, Gates heads to Montana – Gold Rush territory – to search for the missing fortune of notorious Old West sheriff, Henry Plummer. Traveling from Virginia City to Bannack and into the Montana hills, Gates investigates the legend behind the lost loot – meeting with local experts and using the latest technology to explore hidden cave systems and blast open an unexplored, century-old sealed mine in hopes of striking gold.

Upcoming expeditions this season include an exploration into the collapse of Greece’s Minoan civilization; a search for World War II-era gold and diamond treasures in Germany and Corsica; trails that could lead to the location of the Ark of the Covenant in Israel and Africa; and an investigation into the possible re-emergence of Australia’s extinct Tasmanian tiger.

Kindred Spirits Premieres on TLC

September 22nd, 2016

Friday Night Frights

It’s fright or flight on Friday nights! All New eight episode series Kindred Spirits premieres on Friday, October 21 at 10/9c immediately following the premieres of one-hour special Ghosts of Shepherdstown at 8/7c and a new season of paranormal fan favorite A Haunting at 9/8c.

Kindred Spirits

The world of the unknown debuts on TLC anchored by the new series Kindred Spirits, which follows renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes.

Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America’s leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light and bring closure to family.

With the added stress that the spirits may be their own late family members, each episode of Kindred Spirits introduces a new family that seeks help from Amy and Adam.

In the premiere episode on Friday, October 21 at 10/9c, the paranormal experts meet Catherine and her daughter, who live on a 34-acre property in Little Meadows, Penn. They’ve been experiencing multiple things that they cannot explain – smashed light fixtures, being woken up in their sleep and inexplicable scratches.

It takes Amy and Adam multiple investigations to figure out who is bothering them, but more importantly, can they figure out why? It’s up to the experts to help this family reach closure by facilitating contact with the other side.

Ghosts of Shepherdstown Special

Kicking off Friday Night Frights on TLC is the all-new, one-hour special Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Friday, October 21 at 8/7c.

It’s been one year since a trio of ghost hunters investigated Shepherdstown, W.Va., to find out why it’s considered the most haunted town in America. In a community of 1,750 people, almost everyone has experienced something they couldn’t explain, resulting in an influx of 911 calls to Shepherdstown’s police department.

In the special, cameras return to the haunted town for a check-in with residents and Police Chief Michael King to see if it’s still a hotbed for paranormal activity.

A Haunting

Then at 9/8c, paranormal fan favorite A HAUNTING returns with all-new episodes showcasing some of the scariest stories of supernatural activity.

Through spellbinding first-person accounts, each episode profiles one family’s ghostly encounters. As the mystery and origin of each case is unraveled, audiences are left with a lingering sense that life after death is much more powerful than anyone could have possibly imagined.