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“Ghost Bait” Premieres on bio.

Ghost Bait


Premieres Saturday, September 14 at 10 PM


Can human fear trigger paranormal activity? Some parapsychologists believe spirits feed off the energy of the living, and that fear is their food of choice.

For the first time, a Pittsburgh-based paranormal team is applying that concept to solve some of the darkest hauntings around.

ParaCORE offers people as “bait,” dangling their fears and anxieties to trigger supernatural encounters.  This includes Darkness Radio‘s own, Mallie Fox.

In each episode, the team will visit a location in hopes of collecting evidence and helping the client overcome their haunting.

Along with other techniques, the team uses bait to determine the underlying cause of the purported activity.

If a spirit is identified, the team helps find a resolution—whether it means banishing it from the home, or helping the client and spirit co-exist.

The use of human bait, which was founded by paranormal technician Bob Magill in 2010, is not the only unconventional method employed by the team.

The team’s cutting edge tech arsenal includes robotic investigators, tesla coils, specialized solo-expedition camera rigs, ion generators, mirror boxes, battery rings and sensor vests.

The team’s mission is to find answers when no one else can.

ParaCORE has a reputation for taking on only the most severe cases: Clients who call the team have already worked with paranormal teams, psychics, and in some cases clergy, but have failed to find a resolution.

ParaCORE is always the last line of defense.


9 Responses to ““Ghost Bait” Premieres on bio.”

  1. BayouShaman says:

    A note to Darkness Radio fans: co-hostess Mallie Fox will be on Ghost Bait. So check it out!

  2. Paranormal Show Lover says:

    Hate to say it, but this show looks totally fake to me, and this is coming from someone who’s been into the paranormal since Ed and Lorraine Warren were the only people out there investigating. “Ghost Bait” doesn’t have the feel of a bunch of pretty average people who like to investigate the paranormal. It seemed as if they had lines and discoveries were set up for them. Why were there all those ripped-looking red curtains in what was supposed to be the little boy’s bedroom? (Just read on a comment by a woman who grew up around there in Monongahela, PA, who said the people who used to live there were kind and normal, and that the place had been turned into a haunted attraction. Hence the red curtains, I’d guess.) Why were they able to zero in on one area to dig and magically turn up a classic Raggedy Ann doll that supposedly belonged to the little girl who’d been hurt there? Also, the piercing man-scream that was hurled out right before the break made it seem as if the heavy blonde guy had just been touched or something, and afterward, it was just that he “felt a presence in the room.” That guy needs new meds. I smell fakery.

  3. Debunker says:

    Yeah… I love paranormal shows, but this one seems very scripted. I’d rather watch Zak flex his muscles and pretend to be straight than watch this show.

  4. shawnshey says:

    I feel ur whole team has no clue as to what ur fucking with. Has any of your members honestly experiance anything paranormal, if they have I bet u angthing this show would not be aired

  5. Paranormal Show Lover says:

    You made me laugh, Debunker. 🙂

  6. Sky blue says:

    More than likely none of these properties are haunted…However if there really was something sinister lurking in one, how irresponsible is it that they PUSH homeowners into “confronting” the spirit. They don’t care, they pack up production the next day, but the families have to live with the consequences.

  7. Will says:

    wallywak2012 ghost caught on camera first 20 sec. On youtube. Found them on a jobsite. Must see.

  8. Foxy ShaDiamond ™ says:

    Maury done like this show! And dem white males have HOT babes to look at! Sum one kall the Amber Lamps!

  9. Johnny says:

    This show is 100% faked. Our paranormal team investigated one of the locations they used in this farce of a show. They made all kinds of claims that were 100% false about the location, and had people claiming that they were the owners and they were NOT the owners. We know the owners, and they were NOT them! Bio’s paranormal shows are a pathetic joke. They present nothing as some sort of evidence, tell the people to talk a sensational story when none of it makes any sense all the while they present dust, dust, dust and bugs as orbs and spirit energy. 100% total bunk!

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