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Ghost Hunters Renewed for a Ninth Season

Season 9 Debuts January 2013


Sixteen new episodes to premiere starting January 16, 2013.

Fans can look forward to seeing more technology with the latest innovations in ghost hunting equipment and techniques in season 9.

Jason Hawes and his TAPS team will investigate high profile locations while also continuing to help families in need of assistance.

The series new format and high energy has thrilled fans in Season 8 making it a big ratings success.

Season 8 ends December 5, with a special holiday investigation at the Mark Twain House.


9 Responses to “Ghost Hunters Renewed for a Ninth Season”

  1. Phillip says:

    I find it so interesting that Ghost Hunters is still on . After so many boring seasons it still remains . For seasons the hunters never found any interesting facts or events . But now , all of a sudden things begin to appear ? Please , Really

  2. Hap says:

    I agree Phillip. I was shocked to hear GH had a rise in viewership. The show is and has been boring. I dvr it out of habit and half watch hoping they stop going to all the public places and get back to what made them interesting….like, going the average home of folks that need help. I wish they lose all the sound affects too. I feel like the evidence is half power of suggesting. “see that?” “hear that?” Why so little camera use? Wear head or shoulder cams. They usually have 3 to 4 cameras covering large areas and the cameras rarely catch anything. I noticed when they do go to a home and encounter something negative or scary they tell the client don’t worry theres’ nothing here to worry about, we’re just a call away. I’m hanging on by a thread….

  3. betty says:

    – I have come to like Britt and Kj
    thats why I have continued to watch..

  4. cinziaitalia says:

    They are the consumate professional ghost hunters in my opinion. If they found unbelievable evidence every show, now THAT would make me wonder. Apparently, there are alot that agree with me. You may think you dont care about watching them–wait til the day they finally dont come back–you’ll see–you’ll miss them. Keep on pushing, GH !

  5. jph2000 says:

    Phillip why would you be on this site to see when they return if you don’t like it or watch it. I watch every week. Some weeks are outstanding and some are so so. I watch in hopes of an outstanding week. Wouldn’t miss it.

  6. diane says:

    I’ve been waiting three weeks now for the new episodes of ghosthunters to be on and each week haunted collector is on. what’s going on? is ghosthunters coming back on or not? i really look forward to seeing it on wednesday nights. love the whole cast and still miss grant.

  7. Lightspirit13 says:

    It’s returning in June. See our Ghost Tv News page or the Countdown timer.

  8. sharon says:

    I love ghost hunters it seems to me they are taking on some of the more of the negative investigations and I like that. I am not sure if it is because they do more and explore more now that Grant is gone, I hope not but it did seem that grant was more against doing those kind of shows. As far as Kj and Britt, they are like watching Abbott and Costello at work. the sound effects could be downplayed more so that you can hear the things that they catch or hear. Love the new gadgets, I love Amy but all of a sudden everything she investigates is debunked lol and could you look a little closer into your debunking than you do because some of your debunks are just a little to fast. I love the fact that Jays daughter Sam is on the show now pretty cool. The only thing that i would say that I do notttttt like is there are not enough shows when you do run the new ones lol keep up the good work and I can’t wait for october till you have more new shows and I do agree you need to put up more camera’s or maybe put some of those glasses on the camera guys or the people that follow you around need more glasses for the gh crew to wear so that you all can show us what you see at the same time you see it, I thought that was awesome

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