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Nick Groff / Paranormal Lockdown

Nick Groff’s new show is “Paranormal Lockdown”.

Nick and Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State) will be locked down in a haunted location for 72 straight hours.

The six part series Premieres Friday, March 4 at 10/9c on Destination America.

Nick Groff’s New Show Paranormal Lockdown


Mark and Debby Constantino

Mark and Debby Constantino involved in deadly domestic violence.

In Loving Memory of Debby Constantino.

Constantino Case Moves Forward


Ghost Hunters

Syfy Renews Ghost Hunters for 13 episodes to premiere in 2016. Click on link below.

Syfy Renews Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness

Season 10 premiered August 26 and finale was November 18, 2015

Season 9 returned October 8 and ended October 29.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry Leaving Ghost Hunters

Season 9 Winter Finale was February 26.


Ghost Adventures

Season 12 Premiered January 30. Currently showing new episodes Saturday nights on the Travel Channel.

“For many asking, we are nearing the end of post-production for “The Demon House” the film is set for release in 2016, more details to come soon.” – Zak Bagans 11/17/15

Season 11 premiered August 22, season finale November 7, 2015.

“Ghost Adventures has been renewed for two more seasons! Thank You fans..” – Zak Bagans 2/25/15

Nick Groff announces he is no longer with Ghost Adventures.

Nick Groff No Longer with Ghost Adventures

Season 10 Premiered October 4 and ended March 7, 2015.


Ghost Asylum / Tennessee Wraith Chasers

Next New episode – Unknown

New episodes usually air Sunday nights on Destination America.

Season two returned October 16.

Ghost Asylum Season Two Returns

The Mid-Season finale was May 24. Eight new episodes return in the Fall, 2015.


The Demon Files

In response to your e-mail and Twitter questions:

Destination America is still evaluating its programming and hasn’t made a decision yet about The Demon Files.

If you want to see more of The Demon Files, E-mail Viewer Relations at the link below and let them know how much you like the show.

Viewer Relations


Chip Coffey

“Fingers crossed, I will be back on TV in a new series during 2016!” – Chip Coffey 1/5/16

“I signed the contract to appear on a paranormal TV series! We are slated to begin filming in the fall and airing by mid-2016.

I am not yet allowed to disclose anything about the show…but stayed tuned for more details!” – Chip Coffey 8/12/15


The Dead Files

13 New episodes starting April 2. – Amy Allan

The Dead Files will not premiere this January, instead it will premiere sometime in April.

Amy and Steve filmed their 100th episode. – 10/4/15.

Season finale was August 1.

Season 7 premiered April 25.

Season 6 Premiered July 12 and ended January 3 with some interruptions.

Season 5 ended January 31.


Paranormal Witness

Syfy Renews Paranormal Witness for 13 episodes to premiere in 2016. Click on link below.

Syfy Renews Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness


Season 4 of Paranormal Witness premiered August 26 and ended November 18, 2015.



The Haunting Of..

Update – New Season Premieres March 28, at 9 PM ET/PT on LMN.

Season 3 Finale was 12/3/15, currently filming new episodes.

New episodes usually air Thursday nights on LMN.

The Haunting Of…has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)


Long Island Medium

Currently airing new episodes Sunday nights on TLC.

Long Island Medium returned January 3, 2016.

Long Island Medium Returns with Themed Episodes


Finding Bigfoot

Next New episode – Unknown

Usually air new episodes Sunday nights on Animal Planet.

New Season Premiered – Sunday, January 3, 2016

Season 7 finale was June 28.


Ancient Aliens

Next new episode – Unknown

Season Finale was October 9


Paranormal Survivor

Currently airing new episodes on Friday nights on Destination America.

New Season Premiered January 1, 2016.


NASA’s Unexplained Files

Science Channel viewers will get a rare sneak peek at the all-new season on Sunday, Feb. 21 at 10 PM while the series returns for season three on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 10 PM. (2016)


Hangar 1: The UFO Files

Next New Episode – Unknown

Will there be a season 3?

“The television contract to produce ‘Hangar 1: The UFO Files’ has expired. We have been in discussion with multiple producers.

We have reviewed our first two seasons on the History Channel and how we can make it even better, and are currently working with several production companies to secure a season 3. More news soon.” – Information as of 2/5/16

Season Finale was June 26

Season two premiered April 10.


Destination Truth

Sadly, Josh Gates announces the end of the series. – 3/27/14

Journey Ends for Destination Truth

Travel Channel Orders New Show, “Expedition Unknown” with Josh Gates!


Expedition Unknown

Travel Channel announced Wednesday prime ratings in January grew a healthy 53% over last year on the strong performance of “Expedition Unknown,” the popular series featuring adventurer Josh Gates. – 2/3/16

Currently airing new episodes Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel.

Season two premiered Wednesday, October 7 on the Travel Channel.

Expedition Unknown Returns with Josh Gates


Ghost Mine

Kristen Luman was a Special Guest Investigator on Ghost Hunters, which Premiered August 26.

“Thanks for all the congrats! I am working with TAPS for a few episodes in the beginning of the season. Its exciting to work with other investigators and collaborate!” – Kristen Luman

Ghost Mine will not be renewed for a third season.

To request more of Ghost Mine..

Send respectful emails to


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A Haunting

Currently airing new episodes on Sunday nights on Destination America.

New season with all new episodes premiered January 3, 2016.


The Last Goodbye

Status – Unknown

“We are waiting to hear from LMN but I will do my best to keep everyone updated about Season 2 when I know.”

Rebecca Rosen 9/26/15

Season one ended September 26.


Mountain Monsters

Currently showing new episodes on Saturday nights on Destination America.

All new season of Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition premiered Saturday, January 23 at 10/9c on Destination America.


I Was Possessed

Next new episode – Unknown

New series premiered Saturday, July 11 on LMN.

I Was Possessed


Monsters and Mysteries in America

Next New Episode – Unknown

New episodes usually air Wednesday nights on Destination America.


Celebrity Ghost Stories

Next New Episode – Unknown

New Season Premiered March 22 and concluded April 19.

Celebrity Ghost Stories has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)


My Haunted House

New Season Premieres March 28, at 10 PM ET/PT on LMN.

Season finale was December 3, 2015

Next New Episode – Unknown


Ghost Inside My Child

Producers are indicating the show will be back.

Season ended December 13 – Next New Episode – Unknown

New episodes returned October 18.

Season 2 Premieres Saturday August 16 at 9 PM et on LMN


Uncovering Aliens

No recent updates, new season is doubtful.

“Just got our preliminary notice We will shoot 6 to 8 new shows this year.” – Derrel Sims 3/29/14


The Wil Wheaton Project

Wil Wheaton announced that his show The Wil Wheaton Project has been canceled after its first 12 episode season.


Haunted Highway

No news, most likely there will not be a third season. Syfy has pulled it from its website.


My Ghost Story

Next new episode – Unknown

My Ghost Story has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)


Killer Contact

New Season – Unlikely – Syfy has pulled it from its website.


Deep South Paranormal



Haunted Collector

“Haunted Collector will not be coming back,
sorry to all our fans.” – John Zaffis


School Spirits

Season is over, no indication if series will be continued.


Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Canceled after 3 seasons.


Paranormal Paparazzi






Haunted Encounters

On hiatus/ Fate To Be Determined


Chasing UFOs

“Chasing UFOs will only be the one season” – Erin Ryder


I Survived…Beyond and Back



Ghost Hunters International


“GHI is officially done. Thanks to Syfy and the fans for all the support! It’s been a blast!!!..” – Scot Tepperman 1/23/13

“Saw it through to the end and finished on a high note… Goodbye GHI…” – Paul Bradford 1/23/13


Celebrity Ghost Hunt

No announcement on more episodes other than the pilot.


Paranormal Challenge

Dave Schrader announced during a Paranormal News segment on Darkness Radio, that he can definitively say “Paranormal Challenge” will not be renewed.


Paranormal State

 Ryan Buell announces he is leaving Paranormal State.

“After five seasons, PRS has decided to end “Paranormal State.”
I posted a blog to share the reasons why.” – Ryan Buell 1/6/11

Read Post here.


Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids has been canceled and will not be retuning.


Ghost Lab

New Year, new beginnings; Barry Klinge will be leaving Everyday Paranormal to pursue other opportunities. – 1/2/14

Ghost Lab has been canceled.

After announcing they are Departing the Paranornal Scene, the Klinge Brothers are once again participating in private investigations and paranormal events which are open to the public.

You can follow their activities at Everyday


Paranormal Cops