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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters returns October 8

Ghost Hunters celebrates its 10th Anniversary Episode (October 8) and a two hour Special 200th Episode on October 22.

The Big Surprise – Grant Wilson will be back for one episode, the 200th.

There is no mention of a Halloween Special in the Syfy October Highlights.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry Leaving Ghost Hunters

Winter Finale was February 26.


Ghost Adventures

Season 10 Premieres Saturday, October 4 at 9 PM et/pt on the Travel Channel.

Season ten has 14 new episodes including a 2 hour Halloween Special in Ireland.

“My series Ghost Adventures Aftershocks will return next month 9/20 at 9 PM et on Travel Channel” – Zak Bagans 8/11/14

Season 9 Premiered February 15 and ended July 12.

Season 8 premiered on August 16th and ended November 15


Ancient Aliens

Currently airing new episodes Friday nights on H2.

New Season Premiere was Friday, July 25 on H2

New episodes usually air Friday’s at 10 PM on History 2.


Tennessee Wraith Chasers

The new series named GHOST ASYLUM premieres Sunday, September 7 at 10/9c on Destination America.

New Series “Ghost Asylum” with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers


TWC is now in production for a BRAND NEW SHOW premiering on Destination America this fall!! – 5/9/14


Destination Truth

Sadly, Josh Gates announces the end of the series. – 3/27/14

Journey Ends for Destination Truth

Travel Channel Orders New Show with Josh Gates!

Destination Travel Channel for Josh Gates


Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates expects the show to air late this year or 1st quarter 2015.

“Crazy adventures take a while!” – Josh Gates


The Dead Files

New episodes airing Saturday nights on the Travel Channel.

Filming of Season 7 starts in August. – Steve Di Schiavi 6/12/14

Season 6 Premiere, Saturday July 12th at 10 PM et on the Travel Channel. – Steve Di Schiavi 5/15/14

Season 5 ended January 31.


Paranormal Witness

No official announcement but the producers are indicating there will be another season. (Info as of 6/19/14)

Season 3 ended November 27.

New episodes returned Wednesday, November 6 on Syfy


The Haunting Of..

New episodes airing Saturday’s on LMN

New Season Premieres June 21.

Season ended February 1.

The Haunting Of…has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)



Ghost Mine

Will not be renewed for a third season.

Sign the petition to bring back Ghost Mine!

Renew Ghost Mine Petition


Or Send respectful emails to


A Haunting

New episodes airing Sunday nights on Destination America.

The Premiere of Season 7 has been moved up to Friday, August 1.


Celebrity Ghost Stories

Next New Episode – Unknown

New Season Premiered March 22 and concluded April 19.

Celebrity Ghost Stories has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)


Finding Bigfoot

Season 5 premiered June 8 and ended July 27.

Next episode – Unknown


Long Island Medium

New episodes airing Sunday nights on TLC

New Season Premiered Sunday, August 3

Season 5 premiered March 9 and ended May 19.

New episodes normally air Sunday nights at 9 PM on TLC.


Uncovering Aliens


“Just got our preliminary notice We will shoot 6 to 8 new shows this year.” – Derrel Sims 3/29/14


Haunted Highway

No news on a third season.

Season 2 Premiered Wednesday, November 27 and ended December 18.


My Ghost Story

Next new episode – Unknown

My Ghost Story has moved from bio. to the Lifetime Movie Network. (LMN)


Ghost Inside My Child

Season 2 Premieres Saturday August 16 at 9 PM et on LMN

“Ghost Inside My Child,” is currently seeking families for its upcoming season.

If you want to tell your story, please email us with details at:

Posted 1/26/14


Killer Contact

New Season – Unknown

Series Premiered Wednesday, December 4 and ended December 18.


Deep South Paranormal

Season 1 ended May 15, so far no renewal announcement from Syfy.


Weird or What?

Next new episode – Unknown

Season ended on Syfy.


Haunted Collector

“Haunted Collector will not be coming back,
sorry to all our fans.” – John Zaffis


School Spirits

Season is over, no indication if series will be continued.


Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Season 3 is over, so far no indication if it will be picked up for another season.


Paranormal Paparazzi

On hiatus/ fate To Be Determined



On hiatus/ fate To Be Determined


Ryan Buell

Ryan canceled his lecture series and other appearances claiming “In addition to PayPal issues, unexpected serious medical issues arose repeatedly” – 7/14/14

“Needed a break. But watch out, PRS is planning a return to TV in 2014!” – Ryan Buell 11/10/13

Ryan announced he is in good health…has a new book coming out in mid-2014 and confirmed there is a new show in development but can’t provide further details about it. – 8/1/2013

Ghost Tv Blogs wishes Ryan Buell a speedy return to health in his battle with cancer. Our throughts and prayers are with him.


Haunted Encounters

On hiatus/ fate To Be Determined


Chasing UFOs

“Chasing UFOs will only be the one season” – Erin Ryder


I Survived…Beyond and Back



Ghost Hunters International


“GHI is officially done. Thanks to Syfy and the fans for all the support! It’s been a blast!!!..” – Scot Tepperman 1/23/13

“Saw it through to the end and finished on a high note… Goodbye GHI…” – Paul Bradford 1/23/13


Celebrity Ghost Hunt

No announcement on more episodes other than the pilot, though Chip Coffey hinted there may be some other things in the works.


Paranormal Challenge

Dave Schrader announced during a Paranormal News segment on Darkness Radio, that he can definitively say “Paranormal Challenge” will not be renewed.


Paranormal State

 Ryan Buell announces he is leaving Paranormal State.

“After five seasons, PRS has decided to end “Paranormal State.”
I posted a blog to share the reasons why.” – Ryan Buell 1/6/11

Read Post here.



Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids has been cancelled and will not be retuning.


Ghost Lab

New Year, new beginnings; Barry Klinge will be leaving Everyday Paranormal to pursue other opportunities. – 1/2/14

Ghost Lab has been cancelled.

After announcing they are Departing the Paranornal Scene, the Klinge Brothers are once again participating in private investigations and paranormal events which are open to the public.

You can follow their activities at Everyday


Paranormal Cops

No news on a second season.