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“Ghostland Tennessee” on Animal Planet

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Premieres Sunday, February 24th at 11 PM et

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, a team of five ghost hunters, bring a uniquely Southern spin to the paranormal as they investigate the case of a family haunted by a spirit for more than a decade.

Using homemade equipment, they go all out to capture the spirit, Southern style!

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers were winners on Zak Bagans’ Paranormal Challenge.

Lead Investigator Christopher Smith also appeared on Ghost Hunters Academy.


Update – Ghostland Tennessee Frequently Asked Questions


New Series “Ghost Asylum” with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers



59 Responses to ““Ghostland Tennessee” on Animal Planet”

  1. Peter Kovarbasick Jr. says:

    Seen the show last night and I was thoroughly entertained and hope to see more of your shows… Good work and GOD bless ..

  2. Janice says:

    I watched your show last night . Where you caught a spirit in a box.
    I have a hard time with you blowing up the box. You just let him go.
    I believe he came back 10 times as angry.
    It is no wonder why they still had to move they would have been fine if you left it in the box.

  3. Marge says:

    The description of the show is just another paranormal TV show with no substance except for simple minds. Just from reading the previous post sounds like you copied from the original “Ghost Buster” movies which shows no imagination scientific or otherwise.

  4. Ann says:

    Janice, what would be the appropriate manner in which a ghost in a box should be discarded? I don’t believe in the supernatural, but the laughs will bring me back again. Looking forward to the next episodes.

  5. Tina says:

    I enjoyed the show. I watch a lot of ghost hunting shows because I’m interested in paranormal. Most of the time it’s too serious though so I loved the show and being able to laugh. Thanks guys.

  6. LuvDaDead says:

    I thought this show was lots of fun and hope it has a long run.

  7. Zoe says:

    I really enjoyed Ghostland Tennessee. The guys had interesting personalities, and it seems to be a fresh approach to a oversaturated subject. Hope to see more from these guys!

  8. 123itsjustme says:

    Great group of guys that actually realize GOD is important in this work! 🙂 I am really hoping this show gets picked up and keeps going. It’s more entertaining and enjoyable to watch than most of the other shows about this topic. ~ Like a previous poster said, I am not sure that blowing the box up was a great idea. Can energy be destroyed in that fashion? This brings up some very interesting thoughts that I hadn’t thought of before. (I do believe it would have to be thru natural elements, but not sure). Ghost ‘devil’ box: I do believe that the mirrors did play a part in attracting and possibly “trapping” the spirit in the box, because mirrors are often said to be some sort of portal for them, or something that they gravitate to. ~ Long forward to the next episode!!

  9. Steve says:

    Wow….reality….what a concept. You don’t blow up Devil’s Toyboxes, guys. Yeah, it’s entertaining, but if you want to insure the spirits don’t come back to haunt the family, you BURY it. Not in concrete, but in the Earth. The Earth has a way of neutralising the evil. Good show though. Hope to see more of you.

  10. Perry says:

    Love It!!!!! Saw the show, Love the serious and funny. I hope this show really takes off. Could be the next Ghost Hunters. If you guys can check out the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, TN That would be Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Chad says:

    Great show love the humor and serious. Great also to realize that god is a part of catching and relieving the tension of the victims. Hope you do well and you get the show to take off.

  12. sheilana says:

    enjoyed the law

  13. sheilana says:

    oops***enjoyed the show

  14. lyn says:

    I loved it.i guess it’s a simple mind thing.does anyone know when the next episode will be coming on?

  15. bksibole says:

    I loved the show but I do have a question. Why, oh why, did you blow up the “thing” & let it loose again? I mean it’s hundreds of years old if not older, so WHY DID YOU LET IT LOOSE?

  16. georgeporgee says:

    wish it was on earlier I feel asleep

  17. Happy Trails says:

    I thought this show was very entertaining. I hope they come back and if they do return they should stick to investigating private homes, not commercial places.

    My method of handling the box would have been to bind it then bury it! I too think blowing up the box just released what they had inside.

  18. Candie says:

    Really liked the show cannot wait to see another episode! Trying to look to see when tey are going to show another one but I cannot find anything. Anyone know if they are going to have more coming soon?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Loved the show!

  20. Eileenmari Leclerc says:

    Absolutely fantastic new show! Let’s say a prayer that Animal Planet/Discovery doesn’t blow this like they did with The Haunted. These guys are simultaneously hysterically funny, competent and professional! A breath of fresh air and full of potential!!!

  21. tNe says:

    Loved it. A new southern twist on the ho-hum para-tv genre. Hope one of the Discovery networks picks it up for a full season. Anyway… Way at the top of these comments someone commented the family had to move because they blew up the box releasing whatever might be captured in it. Uhmm.. No? To this day there is no scientific evidence of a “Devil’s Toy Box” actually doing/capturing anything. Sure they said on camera it felt like something was tapping on it, but that was probably for dramatic effect. Blowing up the box didn’t release anything because there was likely nothing in it and the family moved because they wanted to, not because they were forced to for their own safety. This paranormal TV stuff is entertainment. Simple as that. If you want “documentary” stuff, go do your own investigations and see how tedious it is – no TV show is going to air when it’s nothing but people standing in the dark talking to themselves while holding a digital voice recorder. TV is to entertain or educate, that’s it. If you’re seriously expecting more, well, donno what to tell ya, other then you’ll ALWAYS be disappointed.

  22. Gail says:

    Great show. Love paranormal shows but these guys were funny also and added humor which made it more fun. A little confused on the “box.” I think they should have submerged it in a deep lake or buried it. It seems like what they did might have released back out there, but what do I know, I am not an investigator. Hope this show gets picked up.

  23. CAROL says:

    Big fan of all paranormal shows. Enjoyed the first episode so much, I’ve been searching for more..

    If Animal Planet hesitates, – I hope another network picks it up. Want to see more episodes. Ghost hunters with a sense of humor, LOVE IT

  24. Tee says:

    Loved loved loved the show!!!!!! The guys are great and extremely entertaining. They kept me laughing and yet on the edge of my seat the whole time.They all have great personalities. I loved Casey Ray and Brandon together. That was a very funny combination. Doogie was equally hilarious with the “don’t open the door stupid”. Chris was great as the leader. I know I have seen him in other paranormal shows. Porter and Bourbon also make a great team. The way the whole team treated the family was awesome. I certainly hope that Animal Planet decides to pick this show up as a series. I could see this show being one of their top rated shows.

  25. Cathy bell says:

    I watch every ghost show I find. I must say this is by far the best of the best. I was disappointed when the hour ended! Please bring on another show from them

  26. LoraLaz says:

    I NOTICED RIGHT AWAY the lead dude is the young fella who was one of the last contestants on that Ghost Hunters show where they looked for new ghost hunters… cant think of the name tho. He was one of the last they brought in. The producers must have liked him enough b.c on that show he said he just did it himself back home with no special equipment and just went into old creepy places to try catch activity. At any rate thought this show was fun, for 3 weeks now all they have showed is the pilot! Id watch it again.

  27. Robyn Helbard says:

    This show was heaps of fun! Yeah, another ghost hunting show, but the laughs and the guys made it really watchable. I agree with another poster that private homes are always SO much more engaging than other investigations.
    Hope we get more eps soon!

  28. Rachel says:

    OMG that was the best show I ever seen in along time I used to watch ghost hunters on Syfi this had me on the edge of my chair it gave me goose bumps all I have to say is wow can’t wait to see more of u guys good job guys love ya guys already ????

  29. Michelle says:

    Watched the show. The toy box thing was intriguing until they blew up the box of GLASS in the middle of what was a pristine county setting? I was shocked to see that on AP! And I am pretty darn sure you can’t KILL a Ghost! No wonder the family had to leave again. It would have helped their case to bring the dog back and show the viewers that whatever they took out of the house was now gone. In my mind there wasn’t any conclusion to this show. Would the dog go back inside? Was there only the one Ghost? What was the families ties to this ghost? What was the deal with the old cabin? I have way more questions then answers with this show. And I am still having trouble getting past the fact that they blew up that box and sent shards of glass throughout that area where animals and people will get hurt.

  30. jagger says:

    good show Loved it I will watch again

  31. margaret washington says:

    Hi i loved the show and i have seen paranomal things and i would love to ask yall some question

  32. Trish says:

    Is your show coming back on? I just saw it and my husband and I loved it….

  33. Robin says:

    Loved your show hope to see more good luck guys

  34. Holly says:

    Love your show come on animal planet all my friends love the show

  35. Tammy says:

    Great show, Keep it !!

  36. Tammy says:

    Great show keep it !!

  37. Cathy Rahder says:

    I really hope this show gets picked up. I saw an episode for the first time last night (May 2013) and I loved it. Very entertaining. My husband, who is a huge skeptic, watched it with me and loved the characters. He actually laughed. Great show! Animal Planet needs to pick up this show!!!!

  38. Mitch says:

    Way to go Animal planet! This is the best paranormal show out there. I now it’s just the first episode but this show is a breath of fresh air. These guys are really funny and work well together. I hope they keep the shows coming. TWC is my new favorite show.

  39. Althea says:

    Loved this show Animal Planet! Saw this last night and was totally entertained with the chemistry of the crew. The mixture of science, humor and paranormal was right on target. Really hope this one stays around…

  40. HannahRT says:

    I absolutely fell in love with this show! As soon as I saw the commercial for this I knew I had to watch it, so I proceeded to stay up well after 3 am to do just that. Sure, I only got about 4 and a half hours of sleep before I got up for church, but it was well worth it! I’ve seen plenty of “ghost shows”, but this is by far my favorite. They have interesting investigations that actually produce results, the crew works really well together and better yet, they’re a group of good ole, God-fearing southern boys! For me, it doesn’t get any better than that. Really hope the episodes keep coming. Fingers crossed!

  41. Valerie says:

    Love this show! I really hope it is picked up by Animal Planet because I want to see more!!!! The crew is very cool and it would be a tragedy if Animal Planet didn’t show it. My family and I thought it was one of the best paranormal shows out there! Please keep the episodes coming!

  42. Chris says:

    This show is great! Want to see more episodes! Keep showing them please!!!!

  43. Danne says:

    Love this show. Living in a haunted space may cause some stress. but even the ghosts have gotta laugh with these guys!
    They are serious investigators, even when someone has to translate what was said…. to the ghost!
    Instead of telling a person, ” yes, you have ghosts”, they try to resolve the problem.
    These boys have “southern charm”, and God on their side.
    Animal Planet has a new twist on the old ” Lights out, EVP’s, attic bangs and basement bumps. ” Keep them coming.

  44. Sonia says:

    Hi, my first language is Spanish because I am from Puerto Rico, and I hope you understand me, Please the next time you have to put the devil box well sealed in the bottom of the sea, the spirits can’t go out the sea! You let the devil go again the way you did it. I wish I can speak english to explain, your good people and god will help you.

  45. Bren says:

    Loved your show I laughed and was glued to the show tell the end.
    Hope to see more of these guys, they were great together.
    I also agree with other poster to do only private homes.

  46. JENN JEE says:

    oKAY…So we have a paranormal team in Tennessee…..Most everyone in Tennessee, especially those that live in the lower mountain ranges of south east Tennessee, are paranormally aware!

    You need to contact me….I can give you plenty of leads for your show!

  47. Hali Brannon says:

    I watched your shows the other night and I loved them.. I live on the north side of AL and not far from yall… I felt like this show shows what it means to be a southern Christan and still want to ghost hunt… Yall are awesome.. Love that yall pray before yall go in.. Keep up the great work…

  48. Cynthia Albright says:

    Please oh please get the show back on! We absolutely loved it and really learned a lot! We all will be waiting to hear! God bless you all!

  49. Jo says:

    I love how you let people know that one of the team and the brother of one of the co-founders has Aspergers. I also have it and love that you put such a positive spin on it and let people know that even though, yes it is a mental disability, the person can still lead a normal life and be self-sufficient.

    Thank you for helping people understand more about this form of autism

  50. Lori says:

    Just saw the show and loved it. Please lets have more.

  51. Tracey says:

    I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE this show!!! Head and shoulders above the other paranormal shows. Very entertaining, and it doesn’t hurt that all of the guys are sexy as hell either ;O)

  52. T Ewbank says:

    You need a lot more shows. This is entertaining stuff and great to watch.

  53. Carey Wade says:

    You guys are AMAZING!!!! me and my ten year old son don’t really have a lot in common,….but the paranormal! We watch every episode of every paranormal show we can, however we first watched you guys and it ended up being the one we LOVE…..mainly because you guys are down to earth good ole country boys, not scared to have fun and approach ghost hunting at a completely different point of view. We live in Mississippi, so we love the southern feel you guys bring to the show!!!! My son wants to be a ghost hunter….he has ADHD and ODD so getting he to focus on anything is REALLY hard, but when we watched your show,….WOW….he sat still the entire time, and recapped the whole show….it was WONDERFUL to see him love something so much. Thank you guys for bringing a mommy and a son closer together!!! Also thank you for doing what you guys do!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
    Yours Truly,
    Mommy of Four

  54. Joscelyne says:

    I saw one episode, the one with the family and creating the devil’s toy box. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact they blew it up, because we all know energy can not be destroyed, Even Einstein quoted that, that being said when they did that, I felt it put less value on something they said they believed that worked, ei * that they even captured something*. The way I see it, if it is a spirit, How can they really destroy something that is pure energy.? I do watch a few paranormal shows, this one I wasn’t too impressed with.

  55. Susan says:

    I did not like this show. I keep hoping that someone will get it right…and the only one that does is “The Dead Files.” Being a Tennessean, I shudder to watch these guys; 1. destroy the English language (that isn’t cute or sexy!, and actually makes them seem uneducated)…2. and they just amble along, without a seeming purpose. The way they try to conjure a spirit reaction by antagonizing them is really moronic. Anyone who knows even a tiny bit about spirit investigating is aware that you don’t antagonize spirits. And when the guys do hear a sound, they should keep their mouths shut. The audience never gets to experience the phenomenon because on of the stupid-sounding guys says “what’s that!?!?”…I mean, you’re involved in a ghost-hunting show!!!! You should expect strange, unfamiliar sounds…so keep quiet and just investigate it!!!!

  56. joyce monoe says:

    FAIH IN GOD YOU GES ARE THE BOMB GHOSTLAND TENNESEE BAD TO THE BONE!!!!!!!! Ghost Asylum DiDO………oops on guys. God speed in all you do… Love you all…..nick name ( Joe) keep it up.

  57. bonnie grimm says:

    I would like to no when you guys will be back on tv because I like watching your show. by for now from your fan bonnie

  58. Innerverse says:

    Love your show…….love your faith….piece of advice about the devils toybox….once you trap something in it dont let it out ,bury it ,an pray too the lord it never finds a way out

  59. betty says:

    don’t blow up boxes with evil spirits that can harm people…bury the darn thing deep into the ground…it was just disappointing..

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