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Haunted Collector Returns for a Third Season

Premieres Wednesday, March 6 at 9 PM et


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John Zaffis and his team of paranormal investigators return for a third season on Syfy’s popular series Haunted Collector, beginning Wednesday, March 6 at 9 PM (ET/PT).

Haunted Collector travels across America helping people terrorized by items containing paranormal spirits or energy. The third season covers 24 locations, including Puerto Rico.

Recently, Ghost TV Blogs participated in a SyFy press call for Haunted Collector. Zaffis stated that the team’s efforts to resolve the haunting is a key factor which sets them apart from other paranormal shows.

Their investigation includes possible haunted items as well as the emotional energy and history associated with the haunting.

Look for more efforts this season to address the emotional and psychological aspects of the clients’ situations. Zaffis always asks, “What can we do as a team to help people?”

When Zaffis and the team determine there is a ghostly problem with an object, they work with the owner to find the best solution, either returning the item, burying it on site or bringing it to his paranormal museum in Stratford, Connecticut, where objects are specially stored to keep their powers at bay. There will be some shots of the museum this season.

On the season three premiere, Zaffis and his team travel to Montgomery, New York, to meet with horse farm owner Mary Lu Dolce Conti. Since moving onto her property, Mary Lu has been experiencing unexplained paranormal activity centered around her animals.

Next, John’s team heads to Niagara Falls to look into reported paranormal phenomena at the historic Echo Club. Owner Deborah Sirianni is trying to restore the old Polish social club to its glory, but strange and frightful incidents have left staff and guests terrified.

We look for this show to be a fan favorite once again this season.



5 Responses to “Haunted Collector Returns for a Third Season”

  1. LuvDaDead says:

    They really do try to help people.

  2. C Jnes says:

    I really appreciate how the professional tone of John Zaffa and his team come across, and now, my husband and I both look forward to watching each new episode on the Syfy Channel. I have watched many different offerings in the paranormal lineup, but I have to say that Haunted Collector is the most believable and interesting series of them all. Please keep this series on for as long as possible! This is one paranormal show that is not an insult to human intelligence!

  3. David D. says:

    Is the show coming back with new episodes in 2014? I certainly hope so.

    I have watched all the paranormal shows, but I find Haunted Collector to be the most interesting. They catch more activity than anyone else, but also find the reason for activity as well.

  4. Lightspirit13 says:

    Unfortunately Haunted Collector has not been renewed. We loved it as well.

  5. brett allen says:

    In the middle of the night last night (the 7/27/16), after the premier of the re-launch of “The Haunted Collector,” I posted a question on Brian Cano’s (co-star?) Youtube video… “John Zaffis: In a Nutshell” seen here….
    In it, people like Zak Bagans and Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters pay homage to the great John Zaffis and extoll his great Paranormal knowledge and virtue and professionalism.So I posed a question: was there any merit to the claims of the former SEPHIA investigator who knew people involved that the “Supernatural Sword” episode was completely contrived/faked – (complete with demonic scratches)? (Her vid is seen here) ?
    I noted her claims were pretty convincing… not that I bought John’s haunted possession theory. I expected him to shoot it down, but the response, if not now deleted, was amazing… when Brian Cano (John’s “investigator” on the show) answered…
    At first he attacked me, suggesting I just came on to troll/sling mud? But then after some self-rationalizing… admitted it! THEY FAKED THE SHOW because they HAD BEEN PRESSURED BY PRODUCERS… “they thought it was a silly idea” but FAKED IT ANYWAY (for profit). Then he remarked… “Did I actually think a video by one hurt girl”… would undo all the good work John Zaffis has done in his 45 yr Paranormal career?? Wow!
    Brian had the implications completely backwards… as anyone who sells out for profit would. But I was NOT suggesting the “hurt girl’s” video damaged the Paranormal field… or John’s reputation, but WHAT THEY THEMSELVES DID FOR PROFIT< FAKING PARANORMAL REALITY TV, that is what had damaged their reputations as well as the field! When a "top Paranormal researcher " fakes/stages Paranormal evidence, cases, or events for Reality TV and profit (not recreating them, but simply making the sh#t up!!) NOTHING COULD BE MORE DAMAGING TO THE FIELD, NOTHING… and nothing could be more damaging to all those who have experienced its realities and been doubted!
    I was not only floored at the admission, but at the incredible self-rationalization! But then sadly, $$$ talks – even perverting so called "top paranormal experts." I copied the exchange… or you can just go to Brian's page address I included, it may still be up – if not deleted. Then incredibly, after admitting this… he actually suggested we all owe John Zaffis a debt of gratitude. For what? Faking reality television and casting further doubt on the field??? WOW! Must have been cast party/premier night!
    Brett Allen – Cover UFO Magazine 2007, Researching All Things Paranormal 45+yrs.?

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