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Klinge Brothers Departing the Paranormal Scene

Update – the Klinge Brothers are once again participating in private investigations and paranormal events which are open to the public.

Latest Update – Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey Filming New Paranormal Series Together – Click Here


Original Announcement

“The time has come for us to get back to our lives and concentrate on other endeavors. So it is with the duality of a heavy heart and excitement for our future that I announce our official departure from the paranormal scene.”


Complete Announcement from Everyday Paranormal Facebook:

“Hello. This is Brad Klinge, Founder of Everyday Paranormal. Today, August 7th, 2012, marks the end of an era and the beginning of another.

I started on this journey twenty-two years ago after my experience in 1990 on the battelfields of Gettysburg that most of you now are aware of. Years of research and thought went into my scientific study of how this paranormal stuff actually works leading up to my 2007 formation of the investigative group Everyday Paranormal.

In just two short years of ground-breaking research, techniques, and analysis, we all of a sudden found ourselves on the Discovery Channel filming “Ghost Lab” in 2009. It was a whirlwind two seasons and 26 episodes.

Barry and I both left our real careers and pursued the paranormal full-time despite taking drastic pay cuts and major time away from our families to do it. We sacrificed our personal lives for the advancement of true paranormal study, and we were absolutely successful.

Those 26 episodes allowed us to investigate 52 broadcasted locations around the country in addition to hundreds of other places by invitation. In just three short years after starting to film “Ghost Lab”, Everyday Paranormal is now one of the most (if not the most) respected paranormal research team not only in the United States, but around the world in nearly 60 countries.

We successfully took over the world, and it is something I am very proud of. Anyone can capture evidence, but how many people can say they have actually been able to scientifically quantify the results so much so that activity has become predictable and the techniques by which to get it have become repeatable?

The answer is Everyday Paranormal.

But now Barry and I (known more commonly as The Klinge Brothers), are stepping down from the day to day leadership and operations of Everyday Paranormal. The time has come for us to get back to our lives and concentrate on other endeavors. So it is with the duality of a heavy heart and excitement for our future that I announce our official departure from the paranormal scene.

Here is what will happen…

We are handing the reigns of Everyday Paranormal to our good friend Johnny Houser.

As you may know, we met Johnny a couple years ago when we filmed a “Ghost Lab” episode at the Villisca Ax Murder House in which he runs. Johnny is a awesome guy–very laid back, very dedicated to the paranormal, and very well-liked in the community (not to mention he kicks ass on the guitar).

We are confident that Johnny will continue the tradition of Everyday Paranormal and will continue to take it to the next level. He will be continuing with the film series we started for Roku called “The Dead Truth”, and you will see him around the country representing EP at conventions and lectureships. He will also continue to be on the EP Facebook page, and he will be creating a whole new EP website.

While Barry and I will always be the founding fathers, Johnny will now be captain of the ship. Will you still see The Klinge Brothers at paranormal conventions and such? Possibly, but not likely–at least for a good period of time. The Klinge Brothers will now be taking over the world in another way……but that is a whole other story.

I will be working with Johnny over the next couple of months to make sure everything transitions smoothly. As I mentioned, he will be continuing to edit episodes of The Dead Truth, so there are still a few episodes with Barry and I in it that have not premiered yet.

Barry and I will be attending the Ft. Mifflin event in Philadelphia this weekend (8/11/12) and we will be at the East Texas Ghost Con in Marshall, Texas, the following weekend (8/18/12). Those are the last two times that you will see us, so if you can make it out, it will be well worth it.

I hate long good-byes, so we shall see yall around somewhere in the future. Thank you for helping make Everyday Paranormal what it is today.

Please welcome Johnny to his new leadership role and give him the same support you have always given us. We wish him the best of luck taking care of the baby I raised. Remember Johhny…we know where you live!”


33 Responses to “Klinge Brothers Departing the Paranormal Scene”

  1. Isai says:

    Ghost Lab didn’t set the world on fire which is why it was cancelled in it’s 2nd year. What’s this “one of the most respected/if not the most respected” crap? Yelling at the top of your lungs at ‘ghosts’ isn’t paranormal evidence. the loud one of the Klinge brothers sure has the gift of gab. His eyes are bigger than his stomach when it comes to his humility, holy shit. Nice to say that they were very successful and left at the top of their game when they quit. Especially after being drummed out of the business. Thankfully there’s only room for one douchebag, over the top and screaming mimi’s and that’s the Ghost Adventures.

    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  2. betty says:

    good luck guys.. sending love your way not $%^&*()_

  3. Jessica says:

    That’s a shame. I liked them. Their show getting cancelled was BS. It was 10 times better than the crappy fake paranormal shows they have on these days. Shame. Now all we have left are the fake bozos. Sad.

  4. Pinoy says:

    Im from the Philippines and I followed Ghost Lab in Discovery Channel. I also bought the DVD collection. Indeed Ghost Lab was a very good show on the paranormal and its sad that the show didnt go on. Its really hard i guess keeping up with the material and unless they will be willing to go outside of the U,S then the material will dry up soon. Anyway to the brothers congratulations on the episodes you made and it has helped us view the paranormal from a different vantage point.

  5. Pipeliner 1969 says:

    Y’all were the best. I saw the trailer for sale in burnet and I knew. Thanks for many good episodes. Hope y’all can do it again.

  6. NOYNOY AQUINO says:

    The ghosts are now rejoicing now that the Klinge brothers will no longer be there to harass and scare them out of their wits. No ghost hunter will be as brave and all out compared to this duo. Anyway im sure they will miss the ghost hunting and will probably do the gig again in the future in one way or another.

  7. Megan says:

    Isai, dude you’re a dick.

    Ghost Adventures can suck it. Which I’m sure you fantasize about nightly, when you’re watching that god awful program.

    Ghost Lab was amazing.

  8. Melinda Sells says:

    I am so sorry you are not on tv anymore. I would like to follow what you are doing. I have Chip Coffee on my Face Book. Are you on Face Book. Please keep doing what you are doing. You are amazing and I enjoyed your show so much. Thank you for not giving up and if I have to find you on DVD I will. Hopefully you will respond to this so I will know. Thank you.

  9. IrishCloverNYC says:

    I watched the series on Netflix recently. What a joke. Yelling and screaming to “provoke” never got much more than other investigations, which treat the dead with a little RESPECT. On an Indian burial ground? Scream in English. Ghosts from other time periods? Scream using slang modern verbiage that they will not understand. Investigating a orphanage where children were scared, tortured, and died? Run around screaming like their storied other bullies. In two seasons, there really was NADA other than the occasional bump in the night and some EVPs. Never ONCE did they go and “investigate” and come away with SOME kind of “proof”. Their next “world by storm” move? I hear Wall Street needs some new phonies to build up the next real estate bubble…

  10. AmyAmyAmy says:

    To all you negative bellies, as a fellow Texas, I say the studies on the paranormal that these ol’ boys did was amazing. As for the screaming and yelling and the provocation that these boys did is just their way. Texas raise the roof when we are fired up. Brad, Barry, you guys keep trucking. The paranormal research world has lost two pioneers. Y’all will be missed.

  11. Linda C says:

    Wow, if you don’t like their style don’t watch. It’s funny to talk about respect when showing so little to the brothers. Pot meet kettle. It’s all irrelevant anyway since it looks like at least one of them will continue. I don’t have a problem with a bit of provoking depending on the situation. It’s not my thing but if it works more power to them.

  12. DeadBlade says:

    the so was fun but the only problem I ever had was that they was asses to the dead.

    would would they like it if some strangers come to their home and yell and scream at them?

    other than that the show was nice to watch.
    shame to that their show only lasted two seasons though.

  13. Kurt Lauer says:

    I have held this in long enough…Love U guys…Alls I can say at this point” ROSE HILL CEMETERY MATAWAN NJ ” I lived behind this cemetery from 1956-1972 and it still haunts me to this day…………HELP………..

    Kurt Lauer

  14. Mike and Bev says:

    We will miss you. Love your scientific, (always), and innovative, (frequently), approach. So, is with heavy hearts, that we let it be known to any who are still listening the shadowman in Tombstone has been debunked, at least to our satisfaction. First, about two years ago we believe we spotted a second shadowman standing in a similar pose and about 10 feet, relatively speaking, to the right of the first. In trying to verify the POV from which this picture was taken, we realized that, based on the scale seen in the daylight, the shadow figure would have been under 4 feet tall. Still looking at POV, we realized that the “legs” of the shadowmen, yes, both of them, were actually the legs of the corner posts of the wrought iron fence. Look at the shape of the corner posts all the way up and then go back and look at the upper portion of the shadowmen and it becomes clear that all we are looking at are the corner posts of the grave fence in the background. I almost wish we hadn’t seen this, but we want the reality, not the myth or imagined…right? Still missing you, good luck. BTW, you wouldn’t happen to have a spare thermal imager for a pair of enthusiastic ghost hunters, would you? 🙂 Luv ya.

  15. Kenneth says:

    Keep the Tv show ghost labs on the air please past two season

  16. onthefence says:

    I admired your dedication and am glad you are moving on to more lucrative endeavors…you both deserve it. Thanks for a very good show and wishing you all the best.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for a great show guys!!! You will be missed …and isia don’t be mad because you don’t have the balls to go into a haunted house and provoke will be missed ghost lab!

  18. Thanx guys for everything says:

    Thanx good show

  19. Thanx guys for everything says:

    Well done on a great show will miss ghost lab

  20. People Like Scares says:

    West Virginia Penitentiary –
    First shot of lamp has the legs outside the frame of the wood.
    Second shot it is wedged in by a strong force.

  21. People Like Scares says:

    I still will watch the show. It is fun to speculate. The camera shots should have been scrubbed better on that one, however.

  22. People Like Scares says:


  23. People Like Scares says:

    West Virginia Pen.
    Lamp down in first shot: Leg is not wedged in behind the wood.
    Second shot: Leg is wedged in behind the wood by a force.

    Just own up to a one fake thing. It doesn’t make everything fake.

  24. People Like Scares says:

    Don’t take down the whole site and erase my comments. Just own up.

  25. nikki says:

    i liked the show its how ghost adventures use to be before all the blah stuff for each episode. I was upset to see only 2 series on Netflix because I felt it was very real they didn’t chalk every lil thing that happened as paranormal and dissected many events in effort to prove it was a actually a encounter. they didn’t get some thing every time they investigated and it wasn’t always some thing big like many shows do.

  26. Paul Ricca says:

    I liked the show! All of these paranormal series are entertaining! Most people think that this is all fake. Well I can tell you that its not. I have evidence, and my girlfriend can back me up! If its not real, then why can you find proof, when your looking for it? Ghosts are real, I just don’t know about Bigfoot! !

  27. Strike zone says:

    Great show guys your staff were brave and professional. I will miss you, no other show comes close to what your team accomplished

  28. Barbara Durham says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to hunt with you in Gettysburg. My sister and my cousin came with me. We did get some EVPs and pictures. Sorry to hear you have stopped your show. Maybe you can more later. We have done other investigations since you. Thanks for your help.

  29. late comer says:

    Dang im behind i just discovered this show and I thought it was okay , entertaining/interesting. Sure are a lot of haters, anywayz I wish i woulda caught them earlier cuz my 1 complaint is some times more questions are RAISED then are answered in these episodes an I have no one to ask now that they are back doing other things; skepticism is good, it makes you seek answers, but so is leaving your mind the open door for the millions of things we still dont understand… pretty good show, thank for making it!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yep! That’s right! Geeez!

  31. bigdaddy34molands says:

    after watching this show many years ago, I found myself curious as to what became of the Klinge Brothers. I have found FB pages of the brothers, and I am happy to see life has moved on for them. But still wondering if they ever find themselves still doing investigation, and or research of there own in the paranormal. I myself liked the show, and I am sure it could have been more, but we know how t.v. likes to cut things. I wish all of those that were involved the best, and hope one day to see you return to the Paranormal scene. Thank you all for what you gave up to give us the Ghost Lab experience, and I wish you all the very best.

  32. mic says:

    I’m not one to watch yelling and screaming at ghosts or whatever they are after at that time, ever think they died violently or don’t really matter, trying to help them should be priority and try to move them along to peace, at least try, not to piss them off in the after life. That’s kind of mean. But good luck on your future.

  33. Maria Ledesma says:

    I am replying to the 2009 episode of the Tattoo Parlor that Richie owned. An employee of Ghost Lab spoke to Richie in Spanish, since he was from Cuba. Today is July 15, 2016 and I saw a shadow on the wall as he was speaking in spanish, the shadow pasted then went to commercial. It could have been one of the camera or microphone equipment,because there was no mention of it. I hope to hear from you about it. No matter if it was or was not. MKL

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