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Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast, ghost investigator, or someone in need of assistance with a haunting, Helping Ghosts is a fascinating adventure story and instruction guide!


Through years of study and field experiments, author Louis Charles reveals his insights into ghost behavior, sharing communication techniques for helping disembodied people move on in their life journey. You’ll discover how to solve cases of haunting, learning as Louis shares the details and results of his various explorations. Louis also conducted investigations with different paranormal groups and psychics to further test theories about ghosts, also evaluating metaphysical concepts he found enlightening.

Louis Charles, publisher of the popular website “Angels & Ghosts”, shares accounts of suffering spirits and how we can ease their pain. People have often sought to understand the oddities associated with ghostly haunting. Using modified recording devices, Louis recorded numerous ghost voices asking for help. Alarmed by the mysterious messages, he began working with psychics and ghost investigators to answer their cries and alleviate their suffering. His new book offers explanations for why ghosts behave the way they do and how we might help them through “compassionate communication.”

“I wanted to bring the human aspect of spirits to light. The book details years of study, field experiments, and ghost investigation cases. I reveal insights and techniques to help suffering, disembodied people move on in their life-journey.”

The recent rise of ghost-themed TV shows has generated a greater interest in ghosts and haunting. Louis has noticed something lacking within the ghost hunting community and society at large. Compassion.

“Ghosts have been largely misunderstood, often portrayed as an enigma we should sometimes fear. I wanted to challenge commonly-held beliefs about spirits and haunting.”

The book ensued after he found some success solving cases of haunting.

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About the Author

Louis Charles was born in Canton, Ohio and raised in a small farming community nearby. While growing up, he always had a fascination with ghosts and spirits.

Through various careers, Louis honed his skills in sales, marketing, speaking, and invention. He never lost his passion to learn more about ghosts and haunting.

Today, Louis Charles continues to investigate cases of haunting, experimenting with new methods to make contact with spirits. A husband and father of three, Louis has been searching thirty years for the truth behind who we are in the grand scheme of things. He thoroughly enjoys contemplating the puzzle of life over a good cup of coffee

Ghost Box – An Unbelievable Response

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

J D Farrell

Ghost and Angels EVP

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

J. D. Farrell

In this ghost box video there are several ITC and EVP recordings including some of the more negative responses that us ghost hunters can sometimes hear as I feel it is important to show the whole story. It doesnt happen that often but occassionaly I may capture these type of evps so I will include more from now on.

Also in this video I am asking the question, do ghosts exist. In reply I hear several ethereal voices saying ghosts, angels, spirit. Are these voices paranormal, do the dead speak and do we have angelic beings watching over us?

All of these evp clips were taken from ghost box sessions in January 2010 using the Radio Shack 12-469 hack sweeping the AM frequency range.

Psychic Ghosts and EVP

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

J. D. Farrell

In these first ghost box EVP recordings of 2010 I seem to be capturing a voice that is answering my question just before I finished asking it.

Can spirits always read our minds and pre empt any questions we may ask them? I’m a believer that psychics and mediums are at times able to communicate with ghosts, but I certainly wouldnt class myself as having that ability. By using the ghost box, do we open the portal of communication on a psychic level as well as a vocal one?

Also on this short video are a few other possible EVP clips, one of which being a possibile entity mentioning that they are in Heaven….does the location matter or do we have to be in close proximity to communicate with the other side?

All interesting questions of which I hope to find out more on in the upcoming year.

“Help Us…” How One Paranormal Investigator Handled this Request

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

This video, submitted to YouTube by Steve of Piedmont Paranormal Research, is believed to have captured both ghosts requesting help and enlightened spirits trying to help them, in a tag-team effort with the investigator.

Demonologist Tom Durant stated Sunday in a BlogStar interview that he always tries to assist when there are requests for help from entities during his paranormal research. I believe attempts to help those in need are ethically required and should become more common and developing techniques for this should become part of a ghost hunter’s arsenal of tools.

While the ghost box has gotten mixed reviews as a ghost hunting tool, I believe what Chip Coffey said about intention in using the Frank’s Box, on Psychic Kids, holds true for this or any other tool. Results are determined by the intentions of the operator. However, always use psychic or spiritual protection prior to ghost box use.


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