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Pop The Moonshine! Destination America

Renews Mountain Monsters For a Third Season


Another action-packed season in the Appalachian wilderness is coming to a close, but the boys of Mountain Monsters aren’t hanging up their camouflage just yet. The series has been picked up for a third season slated to begin production on 16 new episodes later this year and premiere in spring 2015.

Destination America’s breakout hit show follows a team of expert hunters and trappers as they defend their mountain brethren from mysterious monsters that have spawned countless sightings in the Appalachian wilderness for generations. Legendary local beasts like the Hellhound, Yahoo, Fire Dragon, and Hogzilla aren’t just old wives tales, and the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) is in hot pursuit to prove it.

“In just two seasons, Mountain Monsters has become Destination America’s biggest hit series and earned a faithful following of armchair monster hunters,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “Investigating monsters could frighten years off an unseasoned tracker’s life, but the AIMS team is strong and their skills unmatched. We have every confidence that the monsters will be shaking in their boots once they catch wind of season three.”


The season finale of Mountain Monsters airs Friday, July 25 at 9/8c with a special two-hour investigation into AIMS’ arch nemesis: the Grassman of Perry County, Ohio.


As native sons of West Virginia, AIMS and their leader John “Trapper” Tice have spent their entire lives navigating the backcountry, surviving off the land, and practicing do-it-yourself resourcefulness in a region where time stands still. After narrowly missing the creature last season, AIMS is determined to settle unfinished business with the eight-foot-tall, 1,000-pound cousin of Sasquatch.

Locals are reporting that this gargantuan beast has a habit of venturing dangerously close to human dwellings, and the AIMS crew has no time to waste in finding out why he is expanding his territory before someone is hurt. With a heavy dose of courage and the help of local moonshiners, these Appalachian trackers begin to unravel the mystery of what the Grassman is and why he is becoming more dangerous with each day that passes… but one team member won’t make it to the final hunt.

Ghost Adventures Live

Update – this is from 2009. For all the latest news
check out the
Ghost TV News page.

A 7-hour Paranormal Investigation of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV

On Oct. 30 the Ghost Adventures crew — Zak, Nick and Aaron — will lock themselves in one of America’s most haunted locations for the most ambitious LIVE paranormal investigation ever attempted.

Built during the Civil War, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, is the second largest, hand-cut stone building in the US, second only to the Kremlin in the world. For decades its massive walls housed the insane, the neglected and the unwanted. Patient-on-patient violence was common. Inmates were subjected to brutal medical procedures. The asylum was finally shut down in 1994 and stands empty today.

Even while operational, there were much reported paranormal activity in the asylum’s 2-1/2 miles of corridors. Visitors were grabbed from behind and dragged into rooms. Mysterious figures darted through walls. Today, those brave enough to venture inside report hearing the incoherent screams of the insane.

Ghost Adventures will have unprecedented access to the entire asylum from the seclusion cells where the most violent patients were shackled to the medical center where hundreds of primitive ice-pick lobotomies were performed.

As always the team will be padlocked inside the facility, unable to escape as they record their experiences. To aid in their investigation, they will be calling on both paranormal and technical experts.

Viewers at home will have complete access to the investigation on air and online as it occurs. They can monitor webcams throughout the building, chat with the guys during the lockdown, post messages on the bulletin board and send mobile text messages.

You won’t want to miss one minute of this 7-hour LIVE event.

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