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Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey Paranormal Series Update

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Brad and Barry Klinge (Ghost Lab) and Chip Coffey (Paranormal State and Psychic Kids) have officially announced that the name of their new film project will be “Shadows on 66” and the first episode entitled “The Galena Murder Bordello” will be relased on DVD and downloaded on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Executive Producer Brad Klinge says, “The film project is centered on locations along the famous Route 66. We wanted to investigate stories that have never been heard but are true Americana..and what better place to find these stories than on the mother road.”

Brad goes on to say, “This isn’t just a paranormal show. That’s just part of the package. We mix comedy, history, polar opposite personalities, and yes..downright scary stuff..all into one. You have never seen anything like it.”

Chip Coffey commented, “A lot of controversy was stirred up when it was announced I was teaming up with the Klinge Brothers. Even though we both have our own investigative syles, each has its own merits. The end result was amazing.”

DVD and downloads will be available on Amazon.

Future episodes will be announced at a later date.


The Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey Filming New Paranormal Series Together

Friday, June 7th, 2013

First episode to be released straight to DVD
and download in the Fall of 2013


Klinge Brothers Chip Coffey


Brad and Barry Klinge from Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab television series and Chip Coffey from A&E’s Paranormal State and Psychic Kids television series join together in a film project starting production June 10th, 2013.

Known for their scientific, no-nonsense approach to paranormal research, the burley Texas brothers and founders of the investigative group Everyday Paranormal (whom are also Executive Producers of the show) pair with what many would consider a polar opposite in the field with Chip Coffey—a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic and medium.

The first episode of the untitled series will be released straight to DVD and download in the fall of 2013.

“This is not just a paranormal show”, Brad Klinge says. “We dive into unsolved murder mysteries, unwritten or little-known history, and controversial stories that have an aspect of paranormal to them. Many people want to restrict research styles into set categories. We are using the best of all worlds to not only show cool paranormal evidence, but use it to answer real-life questions.”

Barry Klinge commented, “We are able to control the content of the show, and that is something all of us had little control in when dealing with network television. This show will be serious, funny, moving, controversial…you name it. And then add Chip Coffey in with us? Hell, I’m looking forward to watching that show myself!”



Final day of filming.

Klinge Brothers Chip Coffey 2

“It was a long week but we got some awesome stuff.”

The DVD will be available in stores and online later this fall.

Klinge Brothers Departing the Paranormal Scene

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Update – the Klinge Brothers are once again participating in private investigations and paranormal events which are open to the public.

Latest Update – Klinge Brothers and Chip Coffey Filming New Paranormal Series Together – Click Here


Original Announcement

“The time has come for us to get back to our lives and concentrate on other endeavors. So it is with the duality of a heavy heart and excitement for our future that I announce our official departure from the paranormal scene.”


Complete Announcement from Everyday Paranormal Facebook:

“Hello. This is Brad Klinge, Founder of Everyday Paranormal. Today, August 7th, 2012, marks the end of an era and the beginning of another.

I started on this journey twenty-two years ago after my experience in 1990 on the battelfields of Gettysburg that most of you now are aware of. Years of research and thought went into my scientific study of how this paranormal stuff actually works leading up to my 2007 formation of the investigative group Everyday Paranormal.

In just two short years of ground-breaking research, techniques, and analysis, we all of a sudden found ourselves on the Discovery Channel filming “Ghost Lab” in 2009. It was a whirlwind two seasons and 26 episodes.

Barry and I both left our real careers and pursued the paranormal full-time despite taking drastic pay cuts and major time away from our families to do it. We sacrificed our personal lives for the advancement of true paranormal study, and we were absolutely successful.

Those 26 episodes allowed us to investigate 52 broadcasted locations around the country in addition to hundreds of other places by invitation. In just three short years after starting to film “Ghost Lab”, Everyday Paranormal is now one of the most (if not the most) respected paranormal research team not only in the United States, but around the world in nearly 60 countries.

We successfully took over the world, and it is something I am very proud of. Anyone can capture evidence, but how many people can say they have actually been able to scientifically quantify the results so much so that activity has become predictable and the techniques by which to get it have become repeatable?

The answer is Everyday Paranormal.

But now Barry and I (known more commonly as The Klinge Brothers), are stepping down from the day to day leadership and operations of Everyday Paranormal. The time has come for us to get back to our lives and concentrate on other endeavors. So it is with the duality of a heavy heart and excitement for our future that I announce our official departure from the paranormal scene.

Here is what will happen…

We are handing the reigns of Everyday Paranormal to our good friend Johnny Houser.

As you may know, we met Johnny a couple years ago when we filmed a “Ghost Lab” episode at the Villisca Ax Murder House in which he runs. Johnny is a awesome guy–very laid back, very dedicated to the paranormal, and very well-liked in the community (not to mention he kicks ass on the guitar).

We are confident that Johnny will continue the tradition of Everyday Paranormal and will continue to take it to the next level. He will be continuing with the film series we started for Roku called “The Dead Truth”, and you will see him around the country representing EP at conventions and lectureships. He will also continue to be on the EP Facebook page, and he will be creating a whole new EP website.

While Barry and I will always be the founding fathers, Johnny will now be captain of the ship. Will you still see The Klinge Brothers at paranormal conventions and such? Possibly, but not likely–at least for a good period of time. The Klinge Brothers will now be taking over the world in another way……but that is a whole other story.

I will be working with Johnny over the next couple of months to make sure everything transitions smoothly. As I mentioned, he will be continuing to edit episodes of The Dead Truth, so there are still a few episodes with Barry and I in it that have not premiered yet.

Barry and I will be attending the Ft. Mifflin event in Philadelphia this weekend (8/11/12) and we will be at the East Texas Ghost Con in Marshall, Texas, the following weekend (8/18/12). Those are the last two times that you will see us, so if you can make it out, it will be well worth it.

I hate long good-byes, so we shall see yall around somewhere in the future. Thank you for helping make Everyday Paranormal what it is today.

Please welcome Johnny to his new leadership role and give him the same support you have always given us. We wish him the best of luck taking care of the baby I raised. Remember Johhny…we know where you live!”

Ghost Lab Time Change

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

See Update Below!

Ghost Lab has suddenly been moved off the prime-time schedule.

Barry Klinge later wrote:

“Ghost Lab can now be seen on Discovery at 2 am (late Friday night Saturday morning) starting the 20th of November. Go to and click on Viewer Relations with any questions or concerns you may have.

Brad and I are still around. You will see 10 more episodes of the best paranormal show on TV. Hands down. No question. Let the true fans speak.”

Ghost TV Blogs would love to see this show back in the prime time spot it deserves. The Klinge Brothers have collected evidence with creativity, enthusiasm and integrity.

Click here to tell Discovery what you think about them moving Ghost Lab from a prime time slot. Discovery Viewer Relations

UPDATE – “The masses have spoken and were heard. Ghost Lab will be back on prime time on the Science Channel December 15 and 22. This is the opportunity you asked for but you have to watch, 10 est 9 cst. If you don’t have that channel, get it. Also, check out a new episode tonight at 2 am est on Discovery.” – Barry Klinge 11/19/10

Ghost Lab’s Klinge Brothers on Larry King

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009